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Event Storming Masterclass
with Alberto Brandolini

WORKSHOP: Join Alberto Brandolini for his 2-day Masterclass workshop in Copenhagen, and learn EventStorming through a workshop format that promotes collaboration between different disciplines in order to solve business problems in the most effective way.

Mark Rendle

"Somewhere Over The Windows..." meetup with Mark Rendle. Mark also conducted a community workshop on .NET Core and Docker while he was in Copenhagen

Brian Rasmussen

"What the game industry taught me about performance" meetup with Brian Rasmussen (Program Manager for PIX, Microsoft)

Troy Hunt

"Lessons from billions of breached records" meetup with Troy Hunt. While Troy was in Copenhagen he also ran his "Hack yourself first"-workshop.

Christian Horsdal

Christian Horsdal released a book on creating Microservices in .NET, and we will be celebrating this by doing a joint book release + meetup session in CNUG.

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Blog about .NET
in Copenhagen

Do you want to help out and write blog posts about the meetups you have attended or the projects you are working on? We'd love to involve more people and help spread the knowledge.

Get in touch with the organizers listed below and lets talk about how we can include you.

C# 7.0 with Mads Torgersen

The sponsors of this group makes it possible to host meetups and get speakers from around the world to come to Denmark. We are lucky to have such an awesome group of companies who support the .NET Usergroup here in Copenhagen.