Half a day of .NET

We are excited to introduce this "Half a day of .NET"-event with support from our friends at Siteimprove.

Half a day of .NET

We are excited to introduce this "Half a day of .NET"-event with support from our friends at Siteimprove. To celebrate that the Copenhagen .NET Community passed 3000 members on our we are organizing a half day, all free to attend, .NET event with 4 talks from 4 awesome speakers, taking place at the Royal Library (The Black Diamond) in Central Copenhagen.

Mads Torgersen
Talk: Null: It’s Nothing Really

14:00 - 15:00


Nulls are a common source of program failure. They fly under the radar of the type system, blow up at random times in far flung places, and are hard to trace back to their origin.
C# 8.0 adds a feature called Nullable Reference Types to help get a handle on the nulls, track where they go and avoid dereferencing them. Let’s take a look at the feature and how to embrace it in your code.

Mark Rendle
Talk: High-performance .NET Core 3.0 (Spans, Channels, Pipelines)

15:15 - 16:00


WCF may be no more, but there are still countless legacy systems that only speak SOAP, and new code still needs to talk to them. As part of the Visual Recode project, we're providing a brand new SOAP client generator for .NET Core 3.0; one that uses the full range of new, high-performance features of the modern framework. We've got Pipelines, Channels, Buffers, Pools, Spans, the works. In this talk, I'll show you how it all works together to create a client that uses less than 1% of the memory used by the old WCF client, and how you can use these new components to improve your own projects at all levels.

Mark Seemann
Talk: Async Injection

16:30 - 17:15


This talk attempts to answer a pair of frequently asked questions, the first one of which is: how do I combine dependency injection with async and await in C# without leaky abstractions?

It turns out that the answer to that question can be found by answering another frequently asked question: how do I get the value out of my monad?

During the talk, you'll get a quick and easy-to-understand explanation of monads. All code examples will be in C#.

Dylan Beattie
Talk: The cost of code

17:30 - 18:15


Coders code. That’s what we do. We write functions and classes and modules and we conjure amazing systems out of thin air. Electrons dance at our command; with a few keystrokes we can solve the most complex calculations, find hidden patterns in the data of our everyday lives, and send information flying around the planet at the speed of light.

The world uses our code to book flights, pay taxes, talk to friends and family… and before too long, our code might be driving cars, diagnosing illnesses and convicting criminals. Code runs the world. And when our code goes wrong, the solution is almost always… more code. We ship millions of lines of code every day - and, in these days of smartphones and networks and IOT, a single line of code could be running on millions of devices within minutes of us deploying to production. But have you ever stopped to consider the real cost of those lines of code? Your code might end up running in production for years, maybe decades.

It’ll become one small part of a giant global codebase that’s using literally trillions of processor cycles and hundreds of billions of kilowatt-hours of electricity every year. A codebase that’s hiding countless vulnerabilities, flaws and dependencies. A codebase that's driving users to buy millions of new laptops and smartphones and tablets every year because the old ones are too slow, or won't run the latest apps. A codebase that is literally changing the world we live in - and not always for the better.


Practical details

Doors open at 13:30

The Royal Library is a 10 minute walk away from the Kongens Nytorv and Gammel Strand metro stations.
The only parking options nearby is the fully automatic and paid carpark underneath Blox, which is right next to the library.


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Mads Torgersen
Mads Torgersen C# Lead Designer, Microsoft

Mads is the lead designer for C# and a program manager at Microsoft. He also helped design TypeScript, and contributed many years ago to Java generics.

Mark Rendle
Mark Rendle RendleLabs

Mark Rendle is the founder of RendleLabs, which is really just him playing with .NET Core, Docker, Azure, microservices and so on and then teaching other people about it and helping them build clean, stable, scalable solutions. He is currently working on an online video learning site to bring his courses to a wider audience.

Mark Seemann
Mark Seemann Self-employed programmer and software architect

Mark Seemann helps programmers make code easier to maintain. His professional interests include functional programming, object–oriented development, software architecture, as well as software development in general. Apart from writing a book about Dependency Injection he has also created several Pluralsight courses, and written numerous articles and blog posts about programming.

Dylan Beattie
Dylan Beattie CTO, Skills Matter

Dylan Beattie is a systems architect, developer, and Microsoft MVP, who has built everything from tiny standalone websites to large-scale distributed systems. He created his first web page in 1992, and he's been building data-driven interactive web applications since the days of Windows NT 4. He's currently the CTO at Skills Matter in London, where he juggles his time between working on their software platform and supporting their conference and community teams.