Eventstorming Masterclass - two day workshop with Alberto Brandolini

Join Alberto Brandolini for his 2-day Masterclass workshop in Copenhagen, and learn EventStorming through a workshop format that promotes collaboration between different disciplines in order to solve business problems in the most effective way.

Eventstorming Masterclass - two day workshop with Alberto Brandolini

EventStorming is a workshop format that promotes collaboration between different disciplines in order to solve business problems in the most effective way.

What you will learn

In this two days format we’ll experience the different formats, working around real business problems.

We’ll take into account the different perspectives (including the facilitator) in a process that spans large scale discovery, to leverage collaborative design.

We’ll experience the how, and we’ll discuss the why.

Eventstorming in action


Day 1 – EventStorming as a discovery tool

  • Quick kick-off: where are we and where we want to go.
  • Real world Big Picture EventStorming, mastering complexity and unknowns in large scale modelling.
  • Managing conflicts, highlighting risk, and the problems really worth solving.
  • The facilitator’s toolbox revealed.
  • Improving our process exploring motivations of different actors.
  • The Change agent’s perspective: why it’s going to be hard even when improvement is obvious, and how to deal with stalemates.
  • Everything’s connected: Lean & Kanban, complexity and organization limits.
  • Working with startups vs. working with established companies.
  • EventStorming as a platform for problem solving.
  • ModelStorming: modelling everything without a clue (and yet deliver).

Eventstorming in action

Day 2 – Using EventStorming to design a system

  • Design-Level EventStorming: leveraging collaborative modelling to sketck bullet-proof model quickly.
  • A different perspective on software design: the picture that explains everything.
  • Make policies explicts.
  • Discover aggregates.
  • Design around the bottleneck.
  • Blending User Experience Design and Service Design into Software Design.
  • Triggering bullet-proof design with visible state.
  • The transaction illusion.
  • From sticky notes to working software. When to go for a sophisticated architecture.

Evenstorming in action

This workshop is scheduled for August 29-30 from 09:00 - 17:00 (both days) and includes breakfast, lunch, parking and lots of networking.

The location for the workshop is CPH Conference Center, which is located just around the corner from DGI-Byen in Central Copenhagen (5 minutes from Copenhagen Central Station).

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Alberto Brandolini
Alberto Brandolini CEO and Founder of Avanscoperta

A 360° consultant in the Information Technology field, CEO and Founder of Avanscoperta.

Asserting that problems cannot be solved with the same mindset that originated them, Alberto switches perspective frequently assuming the architect, mentor, coach, manager or developer point of view.

Also known as ziobrando, Alberto Brandolini is CEO Avanscoperta, the inventor of EventStorming and author of Introducing EventStorming – An act of deliberate collective learning.

He’s a frequent speaker in software development related conferences in Italy and across Europe, since rumors spread about his funny attitude.

Besides consulting and running Avanscoperta, he’s also a trainer for UK based company Skills Matters where he teaches Domain-Driven Design.

He’s also the founder of the Italian Domain-Driven Design community and of the Italian Stoos Satellite, and actively participates in debates about agile software development, lean management and new ways for entrepreneurship and collaboration.

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